Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors | Earth Anchors | Garden Furniture Security

Consider using ground anchors to bolt down garden sheds and play-sets, and to keep garden furniture secure and steady. We have anchors to fix outdoor furniture to hard surfaces or to soil or grass, i.e. earth anchors. These garden furniture security solutions will stop animals, the weather or thieves from taking off with your prized teak garden furniture! Order online today or contact us if you need any help.

Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors

Our ground anchors should remain strong even if they rust, and as long as they are firmly fixed you can rest assured your furniture will remain securely in place. Choose from anchors to bolt outdoor furniture to hard surfaces or to the soft ground, i.e. earth anchors. For a range of garden furniture security options, consider the items below and order online or call us today.


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