Teak Care Products

Teak Care Products, Teak Cleaner and Teak Protector

Our teak care products and treatments are specially formulated to treat your teak garden furniture without the use of harsh chemicals. Whether you are looking to bring back the golden-brown colour of new teak, or if you prefer the silver-grey of weathered teak, you can achieve fantastic results with our teak care products. We don't recommend using oils on your teak furniture, and you can even leave it untreated if you like – simply clean it periodically to remove dirt and grime – but if you're looking to clean, restore and maintain your furniture, these water-based teak products are ideal.

Teak Care Products

Teak Care Products

This range of easy-to-apply water-based teak care products is designed to enhance the appearance of your teak garden furniture. Including Teak Protector, Teak Patinizer, Teak Sealer Shield and Teak Cleaner, you'll be able to restore and maintain your teak garden furniture in no time. Each bottle comes with the appropriate cloth or sponge, and our combo and twin packs save you money. Consider our range of non-hazardous, easy-to-apply teak treatments to keep your teak furniture in tip-top condition. We do not recommend using teak oil or other oil-based products.


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